Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love

When I was first asked to review Louis Efron’s new book, How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love, I must admit to feeling a touch reticent. I’ve always been a little bit suspicious about self-help books, much as I’m sceptical about the next great dieting fad; it will probably be too good to be true and you’ll get nowhere fast. However, upon receipt of the book my opinion quickly changed within the first few pages.

Once you get past the inevitable ‘I've had a great career, you can too’ introduction (and for the record, Louis has had a very interesting career which has taken him in a variety of different directions), what you are presented with is 35 concise chapters each with their own thought provoking exercises which help the reader to deliberate on where they’re at, where they want to be and how to get there.

It is not a book designed to produce a quick fix. Indeed Efron invites the reader to take the book one chapter at a time, think about their responses from the questions posed in each chapter and then sleep on it. I had envisaged delivering a very authentic review based on my own personal responses to each chapter, but if I’d stuck to that original intention I would probably have talked myself out of my current employment after just the first three chapters. Probably not the wisest move to make on a public blog!

The strength of this book lies in its simplicity. The reader is challenged to think for themselves in bite-sized chunks. You are not expected to find resolution within a couple of hours, but over a considered period of time. It doesn't pretend to make decisions for you, but provides the sort of questions and pointers that anybody serious about career change, or seeking greater fulfillment needs to consider before taking action, not least the issue of money; there may be idealistic jobs out there, but if you’re left out of pocket how will that affect your work/life balance?

Efron’s writing style is easy to digest, alluding to aspects of his own experience. For less than a tenner, this book is a sound investment, either for yourself or as a stocking-filler for a friend or loved one who you know could do with a little support with their career path.

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